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Gringo Population Boom – Real or imagined?

During the past week or two… and certainly not coincidentally occurring at the same time as the recent IL Blitz about luxury living in an Ecuadorian Paradise… I’ve read quite a few message board threads and blog posts about concerns … Continue reading

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Looking at Panama

With a bit of personal experience and limited knowledge as my guide, my initial thoughts of places for possible relocation were:  Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama.  For whatever reasons my personal bias has always been for the Caribbean’s warm waters … Continue reading

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First Cut

After our initial e-mail exchange which had recharged a long-held dream, I got to work on Google.  I started looking at Central America, thinking that Mexico was too close and its security and crime situation made me pretty uncomfortable.  I … Continue reading

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The Journey Begins

From one perspective it looks like a spontaneous decision… even impulsive… but you’d be missing the whole story. But since you’d be bored with the whole story, this will be the condensed version. There was a time I planned to … Continue reading

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