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Another Sing-Along

Lyrics below the fold Advertisements

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A little more music…

Lyrics and translation below the fold.

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House Hunters International Update

Hector and Kimberly Quintana’s episode of HHI is online now.  I’m not sure if or how long I can get this embed to work, so enjoy it while it’s here, or visit the HGTV site to watch.  

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Sultry Suits Me

As I continue to read, research and attempt to frame my impressions of Ecuador, while anxiously waiting for a trip to the coast, I find myself relating Ecuador’s cities to places here in the US that I know. From afar, … Continue reading

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Real Estate Advice

Although it may seem a little lazy, again, I am posting this link more as a personal reference instead of any sort of personal insight.  Bob & Rox, through both personal Ecuador experience and a life time of other real … Continue reading

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More Cost of Living

I think I may put together another page, to go with the tabs above, of all the different cost of living posts and info that I come across.  But for today… posted solely for my info and archives, is a … Continue reading

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Ageless Wisdom

A common question among those of us considering an expat life is what is the level of crime I might be expected to deal with in my host country.  As important as that question might be, I find it almost … Continue reading

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I received an e-mail asking if the recent instability and “coup” attempt had changed my mind about heading to Ecuador.   The answer is a resounding NO! First of all, I was never under the illusion that Ecuador’s political system … Continue reading

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Online Video Learning

Here’s a site with a nice selection of short video lessons for practicing Spanish.  It’s from a group named Web Spanish, based in Lima and is a teaser site for their one on one language services .  Written in a … Continue reading

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More Learning with Music

Lyrics Below the Fold

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