I am in my early 50’s while Playanita is still short of her half century celebration.  We intend to dive into Latin America for our retirement, likely in 2013.  I’ve lived as an expat before and loved it for a wide variety of reasons which I’ll likely be sharing here.  I’m not one for packaged tours, and particularly dislike groups with the guide sporting a raised umbrella to mark her position.  I travel and long for the expat experience because I enjoy and respect foreign cultures.  I cringe at the ugly American tourist marveling at the beauty of whatever the tour guide or guidebook points out while complaining about everything else.

This site is meant as a place to collect information and to record my thoughts and steps as I work through the process of planning for and ultimately packing up and moving to Ecuador.  Playanita and I have chosen to stay anonymous on the blog until we are far enough along in the process that plans are firm and we break the news to our children.  So many others have heard the “you’re moving WHERE?” question and we just want to minimize the chance of any of them accidentally stumbling upon our names and plans prematurely.

I’m so grateful for all the others that have been willing to share some of their lives through blogs and message boards, and wanted to add my own experiences to the mix.  As the blog grows I’ll be collecting and presenting all the information that we are collecting to prepare for our move.  Some I’ll have comments on and will deserve their own posts, some, like my Learning Spanish Page, will get their own pages and headings, while others still will simply wind up as a link in the blog’s sidebar.

The blog will be my little online notebook of information, but I hope it can help others who find it.  I welcome all comments and feedback.  Blog conversation is becoming a decent substitute for diner, or cafe, or bar conversation when the folks are spread out all over the world.  I’ll be noting and commenting here on topics and events that interest me and affect me as we plan our move.  We are already enjoying the journey, and anxiously anticipate the rest of it.  Onward to…

La Vida en Estado Puro


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