Online Video Learning

Here’s a site with a nice selection of short video lessons for practicing Spanish.  It’s from a group named Web Spanish, based in Lima and is a teaser site for their one on one language services .  Written in a pseudo-blog format, Web Spanish Lounge, the free site, has about 30 short video lessons archived.  The “blog” gets updated about once a week with a new video lesson or maybe a cultural note and is definitely worth a few minutes a week.

I haven’t tried them but their one on one lessons are priced between $15 and $17 per 50 minute session, depending on the number of sessions you buy.  That is about the going rate for private tutors in my part of Florida, so it may be worth it for you, especially if you don’t have access to a tutor.  As I’ve said before the ONLY way to learn a foreign language is by speaking it.  Making mistakes and having them corrected is the best way to really learn.  Absent the opportunity for frequent interaction with native speakers, a tutor will definitely help you to improve your Spanish speaking, maybe an online group like this will do the trick.

At any rate, here is a sample lesson:

También y Tampoco

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4 Responses to Online Video Learning

  1. El Playador says:


    After registering with Livemocha and completing a lesson, I’ll say it is more like SpanishDict than lenguajero. I use the SpanishDict site because it also has a neat iPhone App with it’s familiar interface. Still I’ll use both for a while and try to write a meaningful review to explain the differences. Thanks again for the heads up.

  2. El Playador says:


    I had not seen the Livemocha site, thanks. I have used a very similar site called lenguajero, which looks like the same type of set up, I was planning on doing a review of the site in the next couple of weeks, now I have a comparison site. A third similar site, though not as user friendly as lenguajero is My Language exchange.

    I’ll take a bit of time to register for Livemocha, it looks promising.

  3. Steve Frieler says:

    Have you tried this website for learning a language:

    My wife and I are planning to move to Ec as soon as we sell the house and someone pointed me to this website. I thought it might be useful


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