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This is just a quick post to share a couple of links from online acquaintances at the ExpatExchange here’s a little info about the Salinas area.  First up is The Ocean Hideaway a place I’m planning on spending my first … Continue reading

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Ecuadorean Costeños

Beach lovers are beach lovers wherever we are, but I wanted to get a taste of how people that have already made the move to Ecuador’s Coast, and get a feel for the different experiences they have had.  Although I … Continue reading

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Word of Mouth… blog style

They may not be the most direct way to research specific topics, but I think I get the best information from reading the blogs of folks who are willing to share their experiences preparing, moving and living overseas.  There is … Continue reading

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Beyond Panama

I’d been reading blogs, message boards, articles, Department of State sites, and travel guides.  Through all of them I got the impression that Panama would be satisfactory as a retirement home, but I wasn’t feeling any love or real longing … Continue reading

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Questioning Panama

Well, so far I’ve determined that Belize is a little too under-developed for my retirement wants and it lacks the cultural diversity that we want from a major city.  Much the same can be said for Costa Rica, together with … Continue reading

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Looking at Panama

With a bit of personal experience and limited knowledge as my guide, my initial thoughts of places for possible relocation were:  Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama.  For whatever reasons my personal bias has always been for the Caribbean’s warm waters … Continue reading

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First Cut

After our initial e-mail exchange which had recharged a long-held dream, I got to work on Google.  I started looking at Central America, thinking that Mexico was too close and its security and crime situation made me pretty uncomfortable.  I … Continue reading

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The Journey Begins

From one perspective it looks like a spontaneous decision… even impulsive… but you’d be missing the whole story. But since you’d be bored with the whole story, this will be the condensed version. There was a time I planned to … Continue reading

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